Everyday I browse through my Facebook News feed to check out something about what is going on with my friends.  It is not take a glimpse on negative things like gossips but to simply get some inspiring  thoughts and funny quotes.  Glad this afternoon I’ve stumbled across one of my closest friend’s post, that is the photo above.  I read it and it made sense to me.

It is human nature to get hurt and it is also human nature to feel hate against someone who did something wrong to us.  Like the animals, we have this instinct to defend ourselves when we get hurt.  Others take revenge by hurting back while others curse you to death.  Either way is no good for you or for me either.  We must learn the act of forgiveness.

Since I was a small kid, I remember being thought with the prayer “Our Father”.  I used to pray it before and after the class in grade school. It says “Please forgive us as we forgive those who sinned against us…”.  I know this sound a bit holy, but like I said, I am not a religious fan but I really think this would help us get along our way smoothly and peacefully.

Forgiving is not easy because it is not easy to forget the thing which caused us so much pain, dilemma, suffering, etc., not to mention all the negative feelings that we felt after getting hurt.  However, forgiving does not mean you will ever forget.  I know it contradicts the bible, but then we are only humans.  We can never imitate God’s way of forgiving because no one could ever be like Him.  Hence, we are given the brain to use it.  You know you don’t want to suffer in anger forever, do you?  I definitely don’t want to live in hate and anger.

I want to live peacefully happy!  That is why we have to learn the act of forgiving.  Just like what it says above, forgiving does not mean you forget the things which caused you pain.  It means letting go of the bitter taste of the past, learn from it if there’s something you have learned, and move on.  Remember, the universe has only one law.  The law of attraction.  Whatever you give, that is what you get.  Simply because you invite that positive feeling, that is coming to you.  Everything is in the mind.  If we  keep the hatred in our mind, we keep inviting hatred, and if instead we welcome the other new beautiful things around us, those are coming to us.

Let me go directly to my point.  Just simply forgive.  Let go of it.  It doesn’t mean you keep the same thing like before, it means you turn your back away from everything or everybody which caused you pain.  I know you will never forget it, but I’m sure you will come across so many things that you wouldn’t entertain the painful feelings anymore.  Slowly the wound it caused your heart will heal, and you will feel a lot stronger.  Somehow you learn from it.  Somehow you will realize that it is not really worth your energy.  And remember, if you forgive others, then you understand that you may go wrong to other people and will cause them pain one day, and I’m sure you would feel very sorry and would beg for the same thing:  FORGIVENESS.

Just create an open mind and heart that we are all humans, who are entitled to make a mistake.  It may be less harmful to some and may be so harmful to us, but I’m sure it is better to forgive and move on, than dwell in hatred.  Your forgiving heart reflects your aura.  It is a wonderful world, you don’t want to waste your beautiful charming smile to only carry a burden of unforgiving heart, than to open your heart to a colorful world and put a smile and touch everyone’s soul.

So I say, Forgive and Let Go.  Cheers! 🙂



  1. How do you know God is a “Him”:) If there is a God I would think it would be a Woman. When I was little kid I was influenced by the movie Godfather. I admired the way the family didn’t tolerate betrayal. Trust was king and if it was broken you would pay the ultimate price. But as I have gotten older and wiser…I see the wisdom in not only forgiving but on certain occasions mending and maintaining relations…for a higher purpose.


    • Well since I was a kid I was taught that God is a “Him” though I know that our souls are feminine. However, lately a Korean Christian Church came to my home and lectured me about the feminine God. That God is a she and a Mother.

      Thanks for stopping by!! Feel free to read more and I enjoy reading your comments 🙂


    • Wow thanks for letting me know :))) tried to replace it but somehow I realized that they have different content in the photo where I relate my topic here… Though the original looks better than what I got here though 😦 Anyway, appreciate you sharing the photo with me 🙂

      PS I love your website!!!


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